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Nautical Deluxe (Firm) Hammock Netting Only

Our new hammock comes with an increased standard length of an effective lying length of 190cm compared to 176cm. Enjoy more space for you to wriggle about and stretch out fully!


Simplicity is key. Our black and white design proves that you can have a stylish living space and you don’t need much to accomplish that. 


Product Details

  • Weight Capacity: 170kg
  • Hammock Material: Polyester
  • Hammock weight: 1.5kg
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year

Nautical Deluxe (Firm) Hammock Netting Only

  • Dimensions

    Hammock Netting (Hook to hook)

    Length (Static): 240cm

    Width: Stretchable to 120cm

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