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  • What are the differences between hammock set, swing chair set and combo set?
    All our frames are convertible from a hammock to a swing chair. Hammock Set includes: 1 x convertible frame 1 x hammock netting (Choice of Basic or Premium Netting) Shop here: Swing Chair Set includes: 1 x convertible frame 1 x swing chair netting (Choice of Classic Plus or Luxe Swing Chair) Shop here: Combo Set includes: 1 x convertible frame 1 x hammock netting (Choice of Basic or Premium Netting) 1 x swing chair netting (Choice of Classic Plus or Luxe Swing Chair) Shop here: We sell all our frames and nettings separately. If you get a hammock set now and decide to buy a swing chair to use in future, you can do so, vice-versa. Please watch the video below to have a clearer understanding of the functionalities of our hammock.
  • What are the differences between the nettings (Standard- Soft/Firm, Premium- Manhattan and Resort)?
    A) Standard with 50cm wooden bar (100% Polyester Mesh) : 1) SOFT These nettings are wider in width and wraps you up when you lie in it. This is very popular amongst kids and adults up to 76kg. 2) FIRM (Monochrome) As per photo below These nettings are narrower but provide more back support, ideal for adults with lower back problems. Also for the heavier user up to 100kg. FIRM (Black Sapphire Deluxe) Same material but longer to fit an adult of up to 195cm! B) Premium (100% Sustainable Organic Cotton and Rope) 1) Manhattan Crochet (With side tassels) / Manhattan (Without side tassels) : Premium 100% cotton [MEDIUM SOFT] Designed for ultimate comfort and easy maintenance as it's machine washable. It also provides good support for overnight sleep. The absence of a wooden bar also enables the user to be wrapped up fully, providing a full cacoon effect. Manhattan Crochet: Manhattan: C) Resort (A premium blend of cotton-rope mix, with solid 60cm wooden bar) 1) Honolulu Ash Grey / Carribean White / Bahamas Blue Exclusive resort-grade handmade cotton-rope hammocks, with a larger lying area and an excellent back support. Comfort 10/10. Most popular design.
  • What are the differences between Classic Plus and Luxe swing chairs?
    CLASSIC PLUS SWING CHAIR The classic plus swing chair is made of 100% organic cotton and has an extra piece of fabric as the leg extension. This allows you to fully lie in it with the legs extended. Think of it as a premium economy airplane seating that gives you extra legroom. Comes in 8 new colours too as per the photos below: LUXE SWING CHAIR The Luxe swing chair is similar in dimensions to the classic swing chair, just that it's handwoven in small batches and has a cushion pad sewn in, giving the chair a luxurious feel when sitting on it and providing the best support for the back. Comes in 8 different designs. Does not have leg extensions like the classic plus.
  • How do I wash my hammock nettings?
    For the polyester hammocks with wooden bar, you may place the two wooden bars together and dip the polyester netting into a pail of soapy water to hand wash. Keep the wooden bar away from water. For the canvas hammocks including the Grey swing chair canvas and Manhattan/Brooklyn Chrochet models, machine wash is allowed. Please do not use the dryer. Use a laundry bag and delicate setting for best results. For the LUXE Swing chair, dry-cleaning is advised. For the Resort netting, hose it down with a water hose or send it to the laundry for steam cleaning. Please note that for all nettings, it is advisable to keep them indoors when not in use to prevent rusting on the metal chains at both ends and to prevent mould and mildew from growing on the fabric given the extremely high level of humidity in Singapore.
  • How do I take care of the hammock frame and netting?
    Some slight scratches might appear after using the frame for a period of time. To prevent rust, please lightly grease the affected area with a water-proofing agent such as WD40. As for the moving parts, please hand tighten the nuts and bolts once every quarter. To prolong the lifespan of the frame, we would advise to keep the frame away from direct sunlight and rain. Also, keep the nettings indoors when not in use. Due to the extreme humidity levels in Singapore, leaving the nettings outdoors for prolonged periods might encourage the growth of mould/mildew.
  • What is the exchange policy?
    Please retain your DO and transaction number for any returns or exchanges. Do note that all exchanges must be made within 3 days of the date of receiving the item. All exchanges would be done at our office: 62 Ubi Road 1, #09-13, S(408734) Requests for exchanges would not be entertained after 3 days upon receiving the item Customer to pay for return shipping fee Exchanges will be accepted on a case by case basis
  • Who is shipping my product?
    Standard and express delivery will be handled mostly by J&T express with 2 complimentary redeliveries. In some cases, we might use other third party couriers or our own delivery personnel. Standard Delivery - $10 (9am-10pm) 15-18 Working Days Express Delivery - $30 (9am-10pm) 4-7 Working Days Priority Delivery - $55 (9am-3pm) (3pm-9pm) 1-2 Working Days Self Collection (FOC) Item(s) are available for collection at Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, #09-13, Singapore 408734. Item will be ready in 7-10 Working Days.
  • How long would delivery take to arrive and how much is delivery?
    Standard Delivery - $10 (9am-10pm) 15-18 Working Days Express Delivery - $30 (9am-10pm) 4-7 Working Days Priority Delivery* - $50 (9am-3pm) (3pm-9pm) 1-2 Working Days Q: Can I select delivery timing? A: For specific delivery slots, please choose Priority Delivery. All other deliveries are subjected to courier's schedule and will be delivered between 9am-10pm Please also note that there will be a surcharge of $15 for deliveries to Sentosa Island. Walk-up apartments with no lifts will be chargeable separately at $5 per floor. * Our customer service team will contact you after you have placed your order and arrange the timing with you.
  • How long is the warranty period? What are safety shackles for?
    3 Years Extended Warranty We have extended our guarantee on our hammock stands to be free from defects for 3 years. Please see detailed warranty policies under our T&Cs tab. Now, you can really relax with a peace of mind. Safety Shackles Safety shackles are important to preserve the integrity of your cotton hammocks/swing chairs. It prevents the ropes from coming into contact directly with the metal hooks. It also lowers the hammock/swing chairs to be closer to the ground, making it safer for kids to use.
  • International Warranty
    It is our company policy that the customer must pay for all shipping expenses on the return/exchange of our product. Exceptions may be made if the reason for the return is a mistake on our behalf. We will not assume responsibility for misdirected, lost or damaged return shipments. Return shipments should be sent with a courier that offers tracking service such as FedEx or DHL.
  • International Shipping
    All international deliveries are now handled by Fedex Express. Please ensure that the correct delivery address is entered. All items are subjected to overseas import taxes, borne by customers. Please drop us an email at for the estimated shipping charges. Please check out rates here:
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