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Storage Bag For Luxe Swing Chair

We've designed the AIRMOCKS Utility bag to store all your nettings away when not in use. It comfortably fits all our hammock and swing chair netting models. 


With the increasingly humid weather here in Singapore, it is advised to keep your netting indoors whenever it is not in use. Long exposure of our nettings to the weather elements might cause discolouration, infestation of mould and unpleasant stench. 

Storage Bag For Luxe Swing Chair

  • Size:

    Length: 70cm

    Width: 38cm

    Height: 38cm

    Material: 100% Polyester with zipper.

  • Standard Delivery - $10

    15-18 Working Days

    Express Delivery - $20

    4-7 Working Days

    Priority Delivery - $50

    1-2 Working Days

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