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(Frame Only) Oakwood Laminate Convertible Frame

Set comes with a frame and a carrying bag. 


Key features

  • The frame allows for 2 different settings!
  • The hammock frame is foldable and can be packed into a compact carry bag. Ideal for outdoors and home furnishing
  • Adjustable hook to hook length
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Matte finishing improves scratch resistance and is waterproof
  • Self-locking system makes setting up easier

(Frame Only) Oakwood Laminate Convertible Frame

  • Product Technical Specifications

    Maximum capacity: 120 kg (Static)


    Item Packaging 

    125cm x 0.2cm x 0.2cm


    Hammock Stand (Swing Chair setting)

    • Length: 120 cm
    • Width: 69cm
    • Height: 110cm


    Hammock Stand (Folded)

    • Length: 120cm
    • Width: 20cm
    • Height: 27.5 cm
    • Weight: 8.5 kgs


    Weight (~8.5kg)

    • Stand: ~ 8.5 kgs
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