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Resort Deluxe Nettings (Medium Firm)

A Resort Classic! This resort-inspired cotton and rope hammock conforms to the shape of your body. Unlike other nylon or rope nettings, our hammock provides a plush, luxurious feel and does not trap heat or leave rope marks on your body!


Each set comes with a carrying bag.



It can be hung between two walls at home or with your own hammock frame. Please note the dimensions of our hammock and purchase extension chains if your frame is too long. 


Product Details

Weight Capacity: 200kg

Material: Cotton and Rope Mix

Netting weight: 6kg

Warranty: 3 Years

Resort Deluxe Nettings (Medium Firm)

Hammock Design (Please Select)
  • Hammock Netting (Hook to hook)

    Length (Static): 260cm

    Width: 250cm

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